It has a been awhile since my husband and I had a devotion together over the phone. Quite unusual for us, as my husband barely talks over the phone and is not much of a text guy. This encounter is symbolic for me because we have gone through seasons where months have passed before we actually worship together. This is so SAD! I mean we meet with God in our secluded places and less often run away to a secret place together.

More often, we meet in the family boardroom (the kitchen) with our separate notepads listing a report about what God has said. Whether the evaluation of bullet points reflect similarity or are the exact same thing, it is still discord. Thinking about us pragmatically, we seem quite dysfunctional; the truth is we are. It was a hard pill to accept until two friends of ours explained it to us. I will do my best to relay the message. LOL.


Being single, a Word from God is between you and God. You hold the singular responsibility to fulfill that word/call God has given you for his ministry. Comparatively in marriage, a word from God for a plural group is for the now ‘singular unit’. It is the responsibility of the couple to actively pursue the matters of God as a unit. I can’t be fasting and praying for our ministry while my husband values an Attack on Titan (Anime) marathon to reduce stress. Other times we switch spiritual roles. This entire situation is a paradox in itself. How can we effectively advance God’s kingdom as a couple, if we are spiritually operating separately in our marriage? It is the efforts we build on together that helps us prepare for seasonal shifts.

Marriages can go through seasons when only one party is sensitive to hearing the voice of God. Any stressful period can do this to a couple. So God leads with the partner who is more spiritually sensitive at the given time. This word God speaks to a single person is for the couple/the singular unit to act upon together. You see, it doesn’t matter who heard the word, saw the word, wrote it down or received it at the church altar, that word is for unit. He does this because two people of separate giftings chose to come together to amplify His callings.


The strength of a family is not built in singularity, but on the foundation of togetherness. One accord in marriage to God has to be reflected in both receiving a Word and acting on the word together. Til Death do you part is no joke to God. God has high expectations when he instigates a merger between two people. Kind of like the Disney + Pixar and not T-Mobile + Sprint. Well it’s more intense but you get the picture.


In this devotion we began snot-nosed weeping. No agenda. We just felt like we needed to and for no other reason than to be in His presence together. We were consumed by the need to ask for forgiveness and to refill our reservoir with his inner peace. Soon after we began declaring our severance over distractions, busyness, inactivity, doubt, fear, hesitation and human reasoning. We pressed in for this short prayer. It was AMAZING! In fact, we did again the next day. On the weekend we met physically at the altar (the kitchen counter of course) two mornings in a row to talk with and about God. I don’t think I want to go back to praying for each other and over each other separately. I like this supernatural strength I feel.

Until next time. Live your life in 3D – Live Daring, Deliberate and Determined – to achieve all that God has set out for your path.