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Just Wata

Have you ever heard of the phrase water under the bridge? Well just a few years a my wife and I had one of our worse heated heated arguments of our decade. One morning in our tiny kitchen in our second apartment we began fuming at each other from the pent up frustration we’ve been experiencing from varied auxilaries of life. as the pointless banter increased in octave, I poured the last bottle of water into teh morning oatmeal. We both busted put laughing and delcared that, “It’s just wata (water).”

We then agreed on two things that day. We still have no idea what the arguement was about, only that it was silly. Remember who the real enemy is – an unprepared ego. Last, lets not be unprepared for challenging moments in life again. Water can be rough or gentle and hard or soft all at the same time. At end of the day it’s just water. It knows when to contort as the seasons shift. We ought to prepare ourselves for the seasons in life.

Just Wata is where you can find amazing book suggestions we’ve read from our library. We believe edifying the heart and mind quells many storms raging in and around us.


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