Spending time in the presence of God is important for the relationship to develop. Take my advice and find yourself a secluded place away from distractions. I like to avoid some embarrassment just randomingly weeping a park benches. God will have me weak, snot nosed and all. I could hear my spiritual father saying somethings as silly as, “Betta God bruk yuh down a yaad so you don’t have to face the embarrassment in public”. He is definitely on to something. Spiritual disciplines should be practised in private. This is very similar to practising a classroom speech or workplace presentation. If you wait to practice in public you are too late.

The only difference between our activities and those assignment from the heavenly father, he is in charge of life. Trust me, you don’t want F’s on this report card. If spending time in his presence is a struggle for you, find a spiritual mentor whom you believe can guide you. Devoting time to God is quintessential in building God’s character in us (Matt 6:6; Eph 2: 8-10).

Faith Race

This devotion was between Keren and I. I would never thought lengthy text messages could move us to tears. Two things made our hearts penitent towards God. One, we lack consistency like EVERYONE IN THE WORLD to faith properly. Two, we felt remorse for seeming ungrateful for all that God has done and is continuing to do in our lives. God is a forgiving God. Howbeit self forgiveness is the challenge too many of us fail.

Come to think of it, we’ve always struggled to believe for ourselves the things we believe for other people. Believing for yourself is huge part of faith! Grace and Mercy is our reward for successfully practising the faith race in private. We have to believe it is true and that he is the truth (John 17:17). There are some seasons God has us practising solo and off to the side – without any help. In other seasons, we may have friends lowering us in from the rooftop of their faith so that God can heal our situation (Luke 5: 17-19).

Faith Race Techniques

The key thing to remember is to keep his instructions in sight. Follow His Word that he gave you. I have to remind myself about this DAILY!!! Busyness and lifestyle distractions can easily cloud His vision for us. Later these challenges can lead to more pressing issues such as: a lack of clarity, mental frustration and wholistic burn-out.

I have recognized that when our frustrations are at its highest, we don’t acknowledge the Word of God. These are often the critical moments we need to pay the most attention. The closer we get to a breakthrough something goes wrong or voices convince us to stop. The enemy hopes we stay distracted. The need to press into His presence feels more like a fleeting dream. Still press in! Your success in the olympic trials depend on it! In the midst of Chaos, a silver-lining of peace will reveal itself.

Let us use our eye of the hurricane experiences as a prime example. Surrounded by tailwinds of catastrophe is this blissful place of calm. I swear my soul heard Bob Marley’s ‘Three Little Birds’ as hurricane Dean’s (2007) eye passed over us. It was a serene feeling. I believe the peace of God is no different. The storms humbles us. A truth about God is that nothing great he does with us is outside the storm. Honestly, most of His Biblical achievements took place during treacherous warfaress or even harsh political climates.

Praise Race

Yuh think faithing is hard, try praising in advance. Feelings of disappointments rattle us easily. Why? Making God proud is really important to us. So when things seem bleak we have to wonder if we messed up along the way. Did we stay in the race? Have we strayed? Did we lose?

Then our bundle of joy drags us back to reality. Our 3 year old reminds us what we look like to God. The more his character develops for the good, our trusts becomes stronger. He praises promises given to him because he knows we will deliver. Recently, we promised him a trip to the beach. Sure enough, he practised his sandcastle skills for weeks. His belief did not waver No power on earth was great enough to truly separate his belief in us to waver (Rm 4:18; Rm 8:39). Although taking his bucket and shovel to bed was a bit excessive, our ability to take him to the beach was moved by his faith. His hard work daily was praise enough that he valued the opportunity. Our Heavenly Father is asking us to move his hand by faith and praise him in advance by our diligence.

God is the Prize

Our daddy reassured us that we are prepared for the word he gave us for 2021. He also provided simple instructions on how to pursue it. Why is this not a big deal to us? Instead of getting caught up on the semantics, why not complete his word on repeat? That is all the confirmation we need. Don’t you think? New job, straight ‘A’ school year, broken family, praise Him by our faith that his promise is real. If we (like many of us) have confessed with our mouths and say we believe that Jesus raised our confidence, our fruitfulness, our gifts and livelihood from the dead this shouldn’t be a problem (Romans 10:9). We just need to be careful to chase God and not promise.

We decided today to stay disciplined to God’s call. Else you would never be reading this blog entry. Finish your Olympic trials. Olympian blood courses through our veins (2Pet 1:3-4)! Lol!

Live your life in 3D: Daring, Deliberate and Determined to achieve all that God has in store for you.