Nothing can convince me otherwise that the universe isn’t out to get me! The moment I think I am making progress, my world seems to be collapsing beneath me. Whether I am trying a new project, putting myself out there to meet new people, or even divulging in a new career path, I can’t seem to shake the reality that my disappointments are stacking themselves one on top of the other. Sighs!

Robbed by the Universe

A few years ago my cousin (roomate at the time) and I went looking for a car for me to purchase. I had just graduated from College, sold my car in Jamaica, and moved to Orlando, Florida. This is a HUGE RISK FOR ME! Anyways, my cousin and I got a burgundy ’97 Accord for me to drive around. I wasn’t content with the car but it had some likable potential, like its 18″ wheels.

A few months later, I got ready to head out to work like normal. I walked downstairs from our 3rd story apartment to an empty spot. MY CAR HAD BEEN STOLEN! I lost my rockers man. I phoned my job, my cousin, the police, mom and fiance (back in JA). A couple days later the Police Department called to inform me that, “We’ve Found your car Mr. Dwyer. It was left on the side of the street in the bushes with wheels stolen.” When I saw the car my heart broke. The wheels gone, the ignition smashed and the jokers even took the cup holder. SIGH! I had it towed back to the apartment.

Press on!

Nevertheless, I held my chin up and looked forward. We bought some steel wheels from a pull and pay junkyard (Didn’t even know of such a place) and jacked the car up ourselves. Replaced the warped tires at a used tire shop; and bought a replacement ignition off Ebay. The only problem that was, that’s all the money I had. So a flathead screwdriver substituted as my car key.

My situation couldn’t get any worse, I thought. How wrong I was. A few weeks later on my day off I noticed a unknown ’97 gold Accord parked nearby. I thought nothing of it in the moment. The next morning as I headed out for work, I noticed my car was missing, and the GOLD Accord was STILL THERE! I phoned the same party of people to inform them of the car being stolen again. I screamed towards the sky saying,

“Am I this unlucky? GOD what have I done!? Why is your universe out to get me!?

It’s not happening to YOU, it’s just HAPPENING

I remember feeling so FRUSTRATED (scared, robbed, disappointed, angry, useless and worthless). I left a secured futured back home for false hope. Here is thing though. Feeling frustration towards failures after failures is not my reality, rather it is how ‘I’ feel about the matter. Like many of you I am quick to run, give up or try something new before I exhaust every meaningful possibility available to me. How we feel about [insert whatever that you think you feel here!], is our poor construct of thinking within the moment.

Our past experiences have marred our perception of the present. What’s really happening here in the midst of our most challenging moments is that we are resisting the process of growth. Yes, most of us are cognitively aware that we desire change. Subsequently, we subconsciously haven’t decided to accept what growth & change appears to be and the catastrophe they bring to the rational mind. So we retreat to familiarity against the thing which most frightens me.

Not as grown up as we think

Let’s look at an illustration. Like a child searching frantically for a not really lost toy (like AirPods) in their backpack so are we searching for our self-belief. Fear of the toy being lost or stolen triggers fret of a possible future demise.

Example: OMG!!! My parents are gonna kill me!

Fear of the unknown inhibits us in thinking pragmatically. A child in this instant could chooses to have a mental breakdown, a hissy fit or have a spat. What a sigh of relief when they find out it isn’t really lost at all. Phew! Now look how stupid they must feel when reflecting on the earlier emotional reactions. Isn’t that us though? Our life is filled with so many moments of growth. We however choose familiar responses/reactions like “Yelling at the top of our lungs” or “shutting down crying”.

It’s that fragment mind and its inability to process change as non-threatening. Your not alone in this, I have done it all! This is not even the worse part. Now the universe knows we aren’t ready for growth too. This is how I have found myself living 1 year of growth for the next 10 years instead of 10 years of growth. The universe is trying get us change our perspective.

Choose a path of Peace

Here’s another example. One day I rolled into work in my “Choose a path of Peace” special edition Converse shoe from April/2019. Both faculty and students reinforced their love for the shoe all day long. Some kids couldn’t keep their eyes straight. Most surprisingly, how clean it is! Personally, I had two conflicting feelings that day. First, the affirmations felt awesome! I also broke a mental health barrier with the thought:


Self-care investments that I believe makes a difference should be shared with my world. 

Secondly, although I do know how to make a good shoe stay clean, wouldn’t it be more helpful to others and myself if I took my potential out of the shoe box. Oh man! I couldn’t fathom the hundreds of thousands of moments I have wasted quote and quote “preserving good things” in my life than to unapologetically sharing my thought or beliefs with the world. Seeds have been planted in my closet, on my walls, on my mirrors, on the refrigerator, in journals, and some are still stuck in my head. Raw potential trapped in an abyss of nowhere and helpful to not one soul.

Seed in hiding places does absolutely nothing! Seed needs to be plant in the soil in order to grow.

The universe pulls us to a higher frequency

I decided in that moment that my approach to gifting, blessings and self-investments needs to change. I ought to finally put a stop to operating from trifling self-asserting habits of lack and mistrust. God’s Word for my life is neither helpful to myself or to anyone who have chosen to surround themselves with me. The more I decide on positive thinking and progressive pathways, the universe will automatically shift its gaze to take notice.

Your probably still wondering what happened to my car? A towing company took it by mistake to a city 30 miles away. As a result of their mistake, they were willing to restore and install all the parts I had in the trunk for free. Look at God! The universe’s propensity to deliver a thousand fold on my investments when I doubted, resisted and sought to control will begin to do the same when I surrender my beliefs. If all I do is yell at the top of my lungs in frustration, the universe’s return on my investment is… More frustration. Ding! Ding! Sow joy so that you may reap plenty in joy.

So, yes! The universe is out to get us all but not for our demise. He desires for us all to operate at a higher frequency. But first… follow the signs in the daily dog fights. The real enemy in most situations is ourselves. It time we accept that we must fight our negativity too. Are you ready to make a decision to fight this person daily? How long are you going to be selfish and continue keeping the BEST parts of you hidden? The world has been waiting for you to be the difference maker you were created for.