At the beginning of 2020 I shared a father-son play date with a spiritual brother of mine, Elijah. We figured our wives could use a much needed break from the hustle and bustle of mothering. I’ve never been on the receiving end of such a date from my own childhood, so I  was super pumped for this adventure. As we watched the kids warm up to each other, Elijah and I rummaged through the exorbitant possibility of trouble we could expunge from within his garage. Before we could draw a decision from our deliberation, Grayson peeled his way through my legs to retrieve a treasure he had locked eyes with – a scooter.“There you have it! The little guy has chosen.” Elijah jovially said.

His dauntless choice gave me immediate palpitations. I could hear Keren’s voice now, “Bring our son back in one piece. Yuh hear mi!?” I mean the kid just turned two a few weeks ago and still a bit clumsy. So of course I felt a little apprehensive. Nevertheless, we entertained his choice. Up and down the slopes and around the curves he went. His balance, his grit, his courage and his infectious knack for adventure left Elijah and I in awe. As a father I was proud but as man I saw another man becoming mentally tough.

Mindset is everything

Developing mental immunity is not an easy thing to do. This world out here requires us to be tough to endure the changes which come. I am not gonna sit here and deny that it isn’t difficult to move passed some of our poor decisions. Everyone’s got a story in some faction of life. Remind yourself that that mistakes don’t define us. This is why retraining our minds to approach circumstances differently is the best way forward.

Mindset is everything. Changing the way we perceive things will change the trajectory of our lives. Don’t be discouraged in the process either. Learning to be fearful or procrastinating took years to perfect the art. Don’t you think developing courage and exercising bravery may take time to improve? God can do this lickitysplit. He is the author and perfecter of faith steps (Heb 12: 2). Let me remind you of a few things to ease your journey.

God’s perfection created us

It is important that we never forget that God created us in his image to be likewise – perfect. He even gave us free will to potentially choose greatness everyday. Additionally, we’ve also inherited the potential to sin from our forefathers (Gen. 3:22). As a result, we risk exposure everyday to be separated from both God’s presence and his power (Is. 59:2; Rom. 5:12). So if God did not make us to openly indulging in the destructive and self serving power of sin, then why does he allow the door to sin to remain open? Simply answer – to choose Him.

Ultimately our choice to praise God with our varying gifts and worship is our impact in and influence on mankind. I mean who would want a bunch of drones at my every command? No one! As a father, my number one patriarchal responsibility is to keep our son connect to God’s nature as best as I can. And Like God, my desire is to raise him to be obedient to my teachings and steward his inheritance well. I have learnt that those simple requirements touches the heart of God.

In saying that, the best decision was to gawked at him being daring rather that coddle him. Who am I to nurture God’s blueprint of bravery in him to be cowering to fear and doubt? I’ve tried fear and procrastination all my life and look where it got me? Not very far indeed. As I continue to build mental toughness daily to overcome new challenges, I intend to coach him through the natural struggles he will have to endure himself (Rom 5:3-5).

Pursue God’s power as your own

Don’t just sit there and accept the reality of suffering and attempts to control moments of bliss. Seize the desires of your heart daily. Confidence in your Godly gifts requires the active pursuit of God (2 Pt. 1:3-4). Remember your heart is direct reflection of what or who you pursue (Matt 6:21). You are probably as worried as I was about matters like: “Am I suffering for being a Christian?”, “Am I operated out of fear like the rest of the world?”, or “Am I selfish or prideful?”. Whatever the source of your concerns, negating thoughts like these are strongholds God desires to free us from. We need to CRUSH IT!

For me, social matter such as handing down pauperization and death for being a Christian to my son consumed me. I even wondered if I was being punished by God or the devil to feel depression and anxiety? The answer is no. God has mad love for us and desires to see us succeed (Ps. 4:12-13). I am not just gasing that thought. It is the truth. The heart of God is like a wildfire for us. Unfortunately, the potential destructive nature of human choices often heavily interferes with us living up to our expectations.

Seek him daily in order to build that strong and courageous version of ourselves we dream of (Ps. 55:17). We’ve had a lot going on for a few years now, and God is willing to recocitate who we were meant to be. In order to taste eternal peace, some strength training is required to reconstruct a weak heart and mindset.

Abundance is ready for you

Based on the spark earlier in the year, this passed Christmas we got Grayson his own scooter. I wish you could have seen the glistening stars in his eyes. Then through the house, in the garage, down the street, at the park he is zooming. This kid legit asked me if he could take it to bed! I think not!

Funny enough, I haven’t even told you the best part. I took him to the park to practice scooting along the trails. He did no such thing! The young maverick hopped out of his car seat, walked with the scooter in his hand straight into the skate park where the older kids and grown men were. He had this taut look on his face drenched in fearlessness. I asked if he was sure. He said, “I got this Daddy.” Grayson’s bravado to take the slopes inspired a few guys that day. At that moment I realized his spiritual joy transcended a new toy excitement, he was BECOMING abundance.

Abundance fuels assignment

You see God has a lot of abundance for us both on earth as it is in heaven (Matt 6:11). We tend to limit ourselves to abundance based on our perception of daily living. God is not in our box. If you expect him to keep you company in there, you are sadly mistaken. How he views and operates in his world is much different than we do. If you want to see God do a good work in your life, I would suggest we don’t make the mistake of setting limitations on where he should operate (John 15:1).

I have two choices daily. I can simply fail God by allowing my sins to break Grayson and every other person he comes in contact with or I could allow his calling to liberate people attached to his assignment. So promise me you will stop limiting your mindset and trust God to help you develop mental immunity.