There are many moments in our life that we desire to have the complete package. Perfection we believe brings contentment. Contentment comes with obedience. Obedience requires a start and perfect effort. Perfect effort gets it done.

Procrastination and Perfectionism

I hold two of the most terrible disruptions of creative productivity:  procrastination and perfectionism. They have been my Achilles heel. I have mucked up a few decades of life changing experiences. Say this with me,

You are not the only one in this world who has procrastinated the heck out of God-inspired ideas and opportunities.

Quite the endless chatter

I have deceased ideas like trails of dead bodies laid out in the wastelands of my mind. The repulsive stench of the failed ideas laid out in the open streets for others to gawk upon are not even the worse ones. The ideas which sits unused on post it’s, on the refrigerator, in journals, on bathroom mirrors, on closet walls and boxes beneath my bed are the worst! These ideas are the bellowing corpses whom shrieks & howls remorseful tales throughout the darkest watch of my nights. Thank God for His unfailing love and forgiveness!

Thankfully, there are Scriptures standing as reminders to us that God’s love “keeps no record of wrongs” (1 Corinth 13:5), and “If the Lord kept records, who can stand?”(Psalm 130:3). His forgiveness has kept me here. Moving forward we ought to be obedient to the ideas in the moment.

We have to learn to manifest ideas in our own reality. It’s not that the opportunities in life don’t yet exist, its that we are not yet aware of their existence or the fact that we could really have them.

– Jen Sincero, You are a Badass

Doubting the Magical SWOOP

Creative ideas from God have a magical thing about them. His vision and purpose instilled in each idea is cataclysmic for those involved. Sitting around waiting for ONE BIG SWOOP from us can be destructive to circumstances around us. Moreover, they will need our efforts in order to sustain continual growth. ONE BIG SWOOP from God ideas releases self-sustaining and life altering development for all those involved.

It is important to remember that Enchanted ideas needs time to develop; and most certainly does not need our doubts hindering them.

  1. First, learn to dissociate between the mindset of doubt & uncertainty. Uncertainty is vision venturing scared throughout the unknown. A little clarity can guide you through the dark. Purpose and vision doesn’t want us to remain in darkness. We are predestined to venture towards the light. Doubt, however, is disbelief that there is even a vision to follow. With no faith, the impossibilities of God’s will, will perish.
  2. Secondly, uncertainty will almost always present itself when venturing into the unknown. After a while, pieces of His vision will begin to manifest itself towards completion.
  3. Third, building a trusted circle. Doing is easy to say, not simple to follow through. The right circle can push, pull, gnaw, and pray you through.
  4. Finally, a magical SWOOP happens when God’s is in it. Seedlings of God-ideas sitting in our hands amounts to nothing. Plant them in good soil and allow for germination. Opportunities released onto God’s people can demolish wars and erect nations.

Prioritizing Done

If we don’t prioritize our time for the things which matter most, everything or everyone else is going to do it for us. We ought to be deliberate about meaningful things destined to reshape our lives. Have you ever heard of the phrase, “There is no perfect time like the present”? Well get it done!

Perfection is the process of perseverance towards progress. Progress is asking us to be fixated on Him. Each day throughout the process the universe gives us glimpses of perfection. These glimpses require consistent obedience to the idea.

To the Dreamers sitting stagnant,


N.B. BEWARE: the Process may not be cute.


Yours truly

Remember these nuggets:

  • The physical process is like baggage claim. We lost pieces of the luggage needed for the journey and we have a necessary process (whether we like it or not) to reclaim the missing pieces.
  • The spiritual process is like the Indiana Jones: The Temple of Doom movie. Our mind constructs bridges (neurons) over the chasms (gaps in ideas or memories) of experiences we’ve travelled through. Passed and present traumatic circumstances can leave broken bridges throughout our minds; and these bridges need to be mended.

“God Often reinforces our faith after we trust him, note before.”

– Ravi Zacharias, The Grand Weaver

If we continue to stand in the way of progress, God’s life changing ideas can hardly be considered foolproof. Our self gratifying desires reveals the foolhardy state of our souls. If there are any areas of our dreams laying desolate to the demon of procrastination and perfectionism, now is the time to get it done.

Friend, your better self is waiting for you.