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We are the crew behind Liv3D Blog. We are guilty of helping others gain perspective about the life they lead. We can’t help ourselves! 🙈 Sometimes all we are missing is a little nudge and a few nuggets to better connect us to our creativity, our community and with God.

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Nothing good is ever gained without first being intentional about educating our minds and training our heart.

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Update your Toolbox

Having the right tools for the job I recently got in to gardening and bit of landscaping as a hobby since buying our first home. To be honest, I really hope I get the hang of it. Yard work is laborious work! I am not a desk guy and neither am I the indentured labor...

Done is better than Perfect

There are many moments in our life that we desire to have the complete package. Perfection we believe brings contentment. Contentment comes with obedience. Obedience requires a start and perfect effort. Perfect effort gets it done. Procrastination and Perfectionism I...

Is the Universe is out to get me!?

The more I decide on positive thinking and progressive pathways, the universe will automatically shift its gaze to take notice. So, yes! The universe is out to get us all but not for our demise.


The moment we stop believing that God made us powerful, fear will creep in. Empower yourself and forward.

Developing Mental Immunity

Developing mental immunity is not an easy thing to do – especially when you have learnt the wrong ways to approach things throughout most of your life. Retraining your mind is necessary.


Follow His Word that he gave you. I have to remind myself about this DAILY! Busyness and lifestyle distractions can easily cloud His vision for us. Still press in!


The strength of a family is not built in singularity, but on the foundation of togetherness. One accord in marriage to God has to be reflected in both receiving a Word and acting on the word together.


Not everyone has the opportunity to wear the same shoes and I did, so because I am able to do better in this time, It is only right that I supply Grace where it is needed the most. A little ounce can go a long way and may change the trajectory in someone’s life.

About Liv3D

Throughout the years we’ve enjoyed mentoring teens and young adults in the Education, Youth Development Programs, Sports and in Faith-based Ministry. Each forum presents their unique challenges, but one concern remains common to all – being unprepared. 👎🏾 Our level of preparation can make or break the sought after winning culture we seek.

Liv3D blog is birthed from the passion to be an applicable and engaging life-skills platform for others to grab nuggets they need to integrate in their own lives.

Let’s face it, many of us are unprepared in some facet of our life, and the bright side is growth is still optional. 🤗

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